EDM/ Ambient / Dance

“Music like this comes from deep within.”
~Jason Hillenburg, Vents Magazine, 2016


The creative music collaboration between Chris Murphy and Los Angeles musician Hal Cragin has been fruitful with rave reviews of their funky electronically enhanced ambient and industrial music.


Composed with sophistication by seasoned and experienced musicians, the music finesse of Saticoy provides the perfect soundtrack

to the existential scenery of life.


Balanced textures of percussive and instrumental sounds paint intricate webs of music that intertwine transparency and playfulness to keep your Saticoy experience interesting, captivating, and never boring.


You can chill to it, or dance to it, and in some cases meditate to it. Either way… this is quality ambient music composed by consummate musicians. The talent and musical instincts of Chris Murphy and Hal Cragin push Saticoy’s music far above the digital music norm.

Hear the difference!